New Lecture in 2017 at TU Wien

In the summer term of 2017 the seminar lecture “Critical Algorithm Studies” will be held again at TU Wien. Subscription to this lecture will be possible starting from the 4th of March via TISS. A new reading list with a new topic selection will be provided in the first session.

The seminar will introduce participants to the emerging field of Critical Algorithm Studies. Blocked weekly discussions of assigned reading material will focus on interdependencies between society, culture and algorithms, and critical reflections of their ethics and politics.

Preliminary list of topics:

  • What constitutes an algorithm? What do users/developers/society understand about algorithms?
  • How and why can algorithmic systems have embedded values and biases?
  • How can we conceptualize algorithmic fairness, think about ethics in algorithmic systems and deal with accountability in complex algorithmic assemblages made of developers, users, management, law, code, computers, and many others?
  • How does culture and society influence the creation of algorithms and vica versa?
  • How can algorithmic management foster erasure of human judgement through increasing rationalization and automation? What are benefits and issues?
  • What methods and approaches are available to study algorithmic systems?
  • What possible futures are currently being imagined?

Many topics in this seminar are very much discussed at the moment. We provide some correspondence as a motivational introduction:

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