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First Lecture – Introduction

Today the first lecture of the seminar series at TU Wien in “Critical Algorithm Studies” was held. It features biweekly discussions of assigned reading material which focus on interdependencies between society, culture and algorithms, and critical reflections of their ethics and politics.

The slides for the first lecture: First Lecture
The reading list for the semiar: Readings

List of topics:

  • Field Survey, What is an Algorithm?
  • Embedded Values and Biases
  • Erasure of human judgement through rationalization and automation
  • Algorithmic Culture
  • Ethics, Accountability and Algorithms
  • Surveillance, Privacy and Data
  • Methods and approaches for studying algorithmic systems
  • What do users understand about algorithms, Futures

During each session one or more participants should present the topic of the week. They should have read all the papers, tell the others about their content and conclusions and prepare a list of discussion points. Sessions will be held approximately every two weeks. After several sessions, participants should decide on a topic for their final assignment. The submission can be written either alone or in a group and can be either a short article or in a different format. Grading will be based on the presentation of the papers, participation in the discussion and the final assignment.